Filming • Editing • Post-production

A short film to show the beauty of a place

My trip to Venezuela in 2024 left me a deep impression as I filmed these timeless moments in the national park Canaima. This is home to one of the country’s most emblematic places: Salto Ãngel or Kerepakupai Vená (meaning “waterfall from the deepest place” in the Arekuna language). On my return, I wanted to combine my images with the voice of a guide, Elio, recounting Elisab Beatriz Valero’s poem “Canaima” with local music played by El Grupo Cultural de Canaima.

  • Poem by Elisab Beatriz Valero told by Elio Velasquez Ancheta.
  • Music by El Grupo Cultural de Canaima.
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